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We write cool apps for the iPhone, sit on Boards of Directors, on Advisory Boards, and do some other things too...

  • FlyOrDelay™ - FlyOrDelay™ taps into the real-time airport delay information available at the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) site. It is presented in a format suitable for the iPhone or iPad.
  • Code Name Generator™ - Have you ever needed to come up with a code name to mask the details behind a new project but still have a common way to refer to it? If so, then you need the Code Name Generator™. Code Name Generator creates a code name unrelated to what you are doing, but gives you the flexibility to find a name that is meaningful to you, and to you alone.
  • Real Name Generator - Have you ever needed to make up a name for a coffee order or a waitlist or somewhere else where you didn't want to use your own name? This is the app for you! It is for entertainment purposes only, but if you need inspiration like to be "Polly Ester," this app is for you!
  • Towed - Towed exists to help you find your car if it has been towed by the city of Chicago. It pulls information directly from the city's databases, so if the city knows where your car is, you should be able to find it!
  • When Does - When Does tells you when various holidays occur. You may then add them to your calendar, email the date to someone, or even tweet about them.
  • WhenIsEaster - WhenIsEaster simply tells you when Easter falls in a given year. It calculates from the Gregorian calendar and not the Julian calendar, so it does not tell you when Orthodox Easter is.
  • When Is Christmas? -  When is Christmas? tells you what day of the week Christmas falls on.  When is Christmas? allows you to export the date to your iCal or other calendar as well.

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